About me

A website without an “About” page? I wouldn’t dare. While the urge to design websites, set up my own servers and to develop “things” online was already present when I was just a young teenager, it was only later in life around the age of 29 I’ve decided to fully go for it and start ECODER.

What did I do before then? Good question if I say so myself. Officially I’m a master in bioscience engineering, specialty forest and nature management, graduated in 2015. After that I was a teaching assistent at Ghent University (Belgium) until 2019. During those years I was slowly building up ECODER without knowing exactly where it would lead me. Gaining traction online, learning new things, teaching myself, making (wonderful) contacts around the world and much more web related stuff, all in my spare time, for over 15 years before starting ECODER.

ir. Jonas von der Crone

Technology enthusiast. Cable organizer guru. Bio-engineer. Web developer. Tree lover. Server administrator. Wood worker. Photographer. 3D printing dude. Dad.

So where are we now? My studies as bio-engineer gave me discipline, my job as a teaching assistent at university taught me how to be independent, think in projects, be clear and thorough. Furthermore it gave me insights in the academic world and how to cope with a strongly hierarchical institution, and how to not wanting to be part of that world. So in a way it all lead up to the inevitable existence of ECODER.

Where does the name ECODER come from? ECODER has two parts, “eco” and “coder“. The first part “eco” is relating to my bio-engineering forest and nature management background, which in some way is also part of the cooperation. It also denotes the sustainable background of ECODER. All websites are hosted on servers powered by green energy. Whether its my in-house servers, or remote ones. The second part, “coder”, is quite obvious and relates to the technological aspect of ECODER, the web development and consultancy. Furthermore the name also fits in the whole “e-” naming scheme like e.g. e-mail, signifying an online activity. All of the above is also present in the logo which can be interpreted in several ways: a computer screen displaying a website, a circuit board linking to the servers, a tree relating to the green background and even more?

I do this because I love this job. Creating and managing my own servers, carefully finetuning them for maximum performance. Creating online presences, information sources, a place for someone to be heard, to be found. Creating designs, coding, developing, looking for solutions for problems I’ve created myself, tweaking, learning, more tweaking, advertising, publishing…

So what do I do in one word? Websites. I have developed several “in-house” informational websites for which I work together with international advertising companies as a publisher, but I also freelance. You can contact me for your website from start to end. From webdesign to webhosting. I can furthermore create your logo, help you advertise on Google and facebook, optimize your website for search engines (SEO) and pretty much everything else web related!

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