Privacy Policy

Who I Am

I am Jonas and the website you are currently visiting has an address. This address is: and is linked to the registered cooperation ECODER BV with VAT ID BE 0721.658.422.

Last updated on the 5th of October 2022.

What personal data ECODER collects and why


Temporary cookies are set when visiting ECODER which are linked to Google Analytics. This is a service that allows me to see if someone visited the page together with some other insightful statistics which aid me in providing a better experience. This service completely anonymizes visitors so no actual data of you is record. These cookies contains no personal data and are discarded when you close your browser. You can always block these cookies using your preferred browser or cookie blocker.

Contact Form

If you use the contact form to send me a message and to get in touch me I only receive three things: your name, your email address and the message you have typed. This information is not — and never will be — stored on the webserver.

Other cookies to crumble

ECODER uses Cloudflare for its DNS (domain name server) service as this includes increased reliability and protection. One anonymous cookie is stored for this in order to count the visit and is removed upon closing the browser.